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K-Drive parkour


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 After Fortune upgrade, new vehicle has been added in the game, the K-Driver, that seems like overboard. If you channel the jump the K-Drive jumps higher. With this I am trying to procure to the highest possible places of the structures of Orb Villes, the open map of Fortune, without leaving K Drive.

 Frist Place - Coolant Reservoir

 The first place I try to Parkour was Coolant Reservoir, the highest place I could go was the golden arc in the image:


 My K-Driver is equipped with nothing. The prints I took:



 Second place - Temple of Profit (trying)

 Now I'm trying to parkour the Temple of Profit...


I create this topic to share my experience of Parkour with new K-Driver. It's my first topic in this forum, if you have suggestions, I thanks to you.

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