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~The first three pictures are what I keep my graphics settings at normally, I took them after I finished the below process, but they are the same as when I started.~

So, the pictures should be in relevant order, but I added descriptions to the relevant ones labeling them 1-5. So I broke the coolant in Fortuna.
1. I was on the Vallis playing with settings trying to figure out what might be causing my FPS to drop so much on the Vallis.
2. I turned the graphics preset from custom to low
3. I was turning a couple of settings back to where they used to be one at a time
4. I got through texture memory, geometry detail, and a couple of other settings in that section
5. A guild mate wanted help with the Vox quest (because his computer is really bad and cant handle the Vallis nor PoE) so I went back (the quest is a solo only)
6. While I was sitting there I reset the process as I decided to do it in Fortuna while I waited
7. Figured out it was solo and I kept going, turning settings on in a similar order
8. I got to AA and AF (Aliasing and Filtering) and left those off

The FPS only got better as I returned the settings to normal, For this reason along with others explained below I did the following:
9. I went up to the section where the lighting and reflection settings are and turned those back to normal, I did so all at once since I had messed with those settings previously turning them off and on one at a time and nothing seemed to conclusively effect my FPS  while looking out the front gate of Fortuna onto the Vallis (looking toward the lake dropped my frames looking away stabilized them). So I turned them all on at once partially because of that.

10. Afterwards I exited the menu to assess and the water looked like picture 1. I am pretty sure it did not look like that before, though I could be wrong. It did strike me as soon as I got out of the menu and I am sure I would have noticed it before. Anyways. 

--->Take note of the FPS in the bottom left in each picture <---

#1: Arrow pointing to the line separating the assumed bugged water and the assumed normal water, note the FPS
#2: I looked down, cutting out the normal water from view, granted there is not as much to render, but I cant test what it is like without the bugged water. However the other pictures should help.
#3: Loose fluid on the ground causes a similar issue
#4: Smokefinger's shop, was dry and it had no reflections/water that I could see and it was more to render at once than #2
#5: Looked up so that more was being rendered at once. Notice the difference between FPS in #4 and this one, I am assuming the rocks have some reflection or something? I did notice the rocks on the wall being shiny.
#6: In #5 I was sure to get the coolant out of my FoV so in this one is just to prove there is an issue. I looked down from the same position, putting the Coolant in my FoV. Notice the FPS.

I do not think that fluid should drop FPS like that, either way I think the fluid is bugged right now. The only places that I really struggle with FPS are Earth tiles, PoE, and Fortuna/Vallis. All of those are done with more recent tech right? I think it changed a bit from what you guys have said since the earth rework? Anyways, hope this helps in some way.

P.S. I tried to fix the water by going out and back into Fortuna, it didnt work. Will report in this thread tomorrow, probably late, if I notice it get fixed. (from restarting the game)

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I also want to add some more observations. I noticed my Garuda is awfully shiny, which is okay I kind of like it, but that made me think of the lighting. As I was thinking I mentioned it to my clan and one of the warlords mentioned you guys tried new lighting tech for Fortuna. I would assume that is having issues. The warlord commented "Maybe a bad interaction between the new lighting and PBR tech? Causes it to use a lot more resources than it should?" (English is his second language). I might not need to suggest it since it is a new system and you are probably already looking at it, but you might want to check out the lighting system.

I am also assuming you used this on the vallis.

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