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Melee 3.0 ideas (fixed a few grammar errors)


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Something I don't want to see changed:

Being able to perform melee combos by performing different actions

- such as holding the block button when melee attacking.

Somethings I do want to see changed:

The amount of melee attack options we have that works nearly the same across all weapons.

- Right now it's just charged attacks and quick melee attacks. I think there should be more ways to cause immediate knock up attacks, slam attack, or some powerful kick attacks. These attacks can have cooldown timers on the power of them reduce spam. For example the kick will not send enemies flying backwards if you have used it recently so that it is almost like you have a stamina bar.

Being able to perform multiple melee attacks while airborne. 

- We have the ability to double jump, and even aim glide, so I don't think it would be to hard to imagine warframes being able to perform multiple aerial melee attack combos, allowing them and the enemy theyre attacking to have a little more air time.

Could also make it like archwing mode where the player automatically moves near the closes enemy when they're in the air to help with aerial combat, just without the archwing.

To make this attack useful, id recommend allowing it to reduce enemy accuracy greatly on the player. The amount of air time the player has should also take a while to increase when the player has landed to keep it from being spammed. Unlike now where players can land to have their aim glide time refreshed instantly.

- I'd also say add a way to help player's get enemies in the air to actually use the cool aerial attacks, like add an attack where if a player is holding the button that reloads their primary and secondary weapon, it will use a melee attack that sends an enemy or enemies flying vertically into the air.

• The ability to perform finishers on low health enemies. 

I think it would be nice if there was something able to detect when your melee attack will kill an enemy or enemies and will allow you to enter cool animation finishers the next time you use a melee attack. Maybe allow it to only work when you have gotten an enemy below 30% maximum health so that the animation doesn't always trigger so it looks cooler when it does trigger OR simply have it happen randomly to one or more enemies. (Now i am aware that animations are not easy so I'm okay with this not being created though it would be pretty awesome if it was!)

So.. what do you think? If you don't want to reply mark this with an upvote or lotus symbol to show you liked it so I can know if these ideas were nice or not

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