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Fishing on zipline


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Disclaimer ive only tried this above ponds in fortuna so i am ignorant to the possibility of this being an isolated problem
I use Ivara a lot and i noticed that there's never really a good use for her zip line until i went mining and noticed that its great to get those hard to reach ores. Later on i realized i could use this method to fish on ponds this way the fish would be less likely to spawn in the ground if im over the water and it worked. Infact it felt like there was bait in the water as it looked like there was more fish than usual.  However one problem arose as the player starts spazzing out like its trying to throw the spear every few moments (only when holding right click) and it sometimes delays your actual throw making harder to fish. Another thing is that it scares the fish when you walk on the line even if you are a couple feet above the water. I hope this can get fixed in 1 out of the 2 possible fixes and that is fixing the animation and tuning it up to work instead of disabling zipline fishing.

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