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Garuda VFX on Abilities are Lacking


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This is my personal opinion of the frame. Nothing I'm about to say is doctrine. I think DE does a good job 80% of the time with their design choices aside from this case, which I'm about to go over.

I'd like to say I have absolutely no complaints about the kit of the frame or her balance. To me, it seems like her kit is pretty balanced and I really like the thematic they're going for; however, my major complaint about the frame resides in appearance of some of her abilities. While the frame herself is actually rather stunning and beautifully made, there's just something lacking behind some of the visual effects that don't give her that glorious, gory sheen.

Dread Mirror

There are no problems with the initial claw attack. Everything is good there IMO.

What I don't like is how there's a literal mirror conjured out of thin air that floats around her awkwardly. While it's much better as an oval as opposed to the devstream rectangle design from way-back-when, personally, I'd rather they have a Volt-styled shield of conjured energy that floats around her instead. It doesn't necessarily have to be just like his visually, but it would really give a bit more clarity to be a semi-transparent shield of energy without that enormous, bulky thing clogging up the UI around the rims of it. It's partially a design issue and a gameplay issue.

Secondly, I have a lot of problems with that ugly ball of blood that also awkwardly floats around her head. Why does it have to be there? Furthermore, I don't see it being affected by Warframe colors, so unless you're running a red color scheme already, it breaks fashion-frame by maintaining a constant desaturated hue of dark red. At the very least, I would request the color of the blood ball to be closer akin to energy and less matte, allowing for more clarity as to the color of the projectile. Best case scenario would be to do away with the ball altogether and just have a UI number similar to Saryn with the ball in the corner of the screen to show charged damage on top of a sheen similar to Mesa's 1 hand glow but focused on her claws to show the intensity of the charged damage. This is mostly a clarity issue and somewhat of a customization flaw.

Furthermore, I'm really unsatisfied with the animation and overall delivery of the charged attack in the first place. Why do her claws extend out when they charge the attack? It just looks strange how finger-like they seem extending and curling around that relatively tiny ball and how it cups around the palm of her hand. I'd rather they didn't come out at all and remained in place. If we take my idea to have the glow around the claws instead of the hovering ball and to make the shield more energy-like and transparent, it would be neat to have the ball accumulate the energy from the shield in front of her like a siphon, reducing the glow of the claws, and properly creating the final conjured ball.

Blood Altar 

I don't have many solid complaints here other than the fact that the ring of energy around the target is far too faint to be seen, thus making it difficult to gauge at times whether or not you're in range to get healing. I'd rather the glow to be a visual dome like Frost, or even a cylinder of light that tells you with much more bolder coloration. Other than that, the same issue here applies with the color of the blood and the blood ball where it doesn't seem to take into account Warframe colors and thus appears as a nasty, inky black, thick goo.


Nothing really jarring here. It does a simple function and so probably doesn't require a complicated animation. I'm pretty satisfied with the little twirl.

Seeking Talons

This ability sort of confuses me because it implies her claws are the projectiles being sent out to lash out like daggers against the enemies, and yet when she casts this, they still remain on her arms? The overall animation and delivery of the attack is pretty good though aside from the weird description and lack of dislocated claws being fired out. I think to at least keep the idea of her claws being sent out true, an added bonus to the blood bolts should be a glowing spectral finger of the claw that lashes out at her sides and hones in on her target.

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