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Warframe Concept - Nobushige


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The following is just a rough outline. Maybe some or all of these concepts will find their way into the game.

Name: Nobushige?

Purpose: A spear-based hero, vanguard/leader type.  Hopefully this is a chance to get some new spear animations in the game that are more poke-y than what’s currently in-game.


Passive?: 1 hp/s aura when friendly players within 35m

Passive?: +10% attack speed/damage with polearms

First: “Rush” Mobility/Damage 25 energy

Frame rushes forward with [exalted spear] and moves in a straight line through enemies inflicting a bleed proc.

STR 75/125/175/200

RNG 7/9/12/15 m

Proc 50/70/90/100%

Augment?: Enemies suffer blast proc 25/50/75/100%

Second: “Throw” Scepter mechanic, damage/debuff 50 energy

Frame throws [exalted spear] dealing damage, spear stays where it lands and emits a slow debuff decreasing move/attack speed. Can be recast and spears in the world remain for their full duration. Slow effect stacks up to 2x for a max of 20% slow.

STR (dmg) 100/150/200/250

STR (debuff, not affected by mods?) 3/5/7/10%

RNG (aura) 5/7/10/15 m

DUR 5/10/13/15 seconds

Augment?: Affected enemies have chance to drop hp orb on death 5/15/20/25%

Augment?: Spears have flat(ter) trajectory, 2.5m punchthrough

Third: “Rally” Team Buff 75 energy

Frame makes allies unable to be staggered/knocked down, grants lifesteal

Life Steal (not affected by mods) 7/15/20/25%

RNG 10/12/14/16 m

DUR 15/20/25/30

Augment?: Enemies slain while active have a chance to drop an energy orb 5/10/15/20%

Fourth: [Exalted Spear] Exalted weapon 3 energy/s

Block Strength 100% Additional energy cost while blocking 2 energy/s

Additional: Unique spear available with no melee equipped?

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