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VAHD CUIRASS Missing Scarf


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The VAHD CUIRASS Top Armor for the operator displays the scarf as a part of the top armor instead of the helmet.

There was a point where this armor actually did have the scarf attached to it, and personally I thought it looked really good like that. It gave the Vahd something a bit more unique.

Now instead it's tied to the helmet, which doesn't make all that much sense, but besides the point.

Hopefully this gets enough recognition from [DE] to get re-added onto the Armor instead of the Helmet.

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They've changed it,it's in the first patch notes of 20 pages i think and it's not only that.. it clips through the body, the same as of the legs... they reverted it back a while ago to make it beautiful until they reworked it how it should... but seeing that it returned idk what to say about that... maybe they need another roll-up.

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