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Equinox miscolored after getting off of K-Drive


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I don't have a whole lot of information to provide as to what exactly went wrong here, but after getting off of my K-Drive, Equinox had a weird mish-mash between her default colors and the colors that I picked. Also it seemed to take a while to load in the specter from Duality, leading to me seeing a headless Nyx as a reference model before changing to a headless Night Aspect Equinox and then the correct model. It's a pretty weird sight to behold, so I decided to get a video of it before returning to Fortuna (which fixed it.) I have yet to try to reproduce it since I was done playing for the night anyways.

From a friend's perspective during this bug, my colors were normal.


It's not really a big deal, just strange, but I figured I may as well make a bug report about it anyways.

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