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Null Combas disabling abilities forever


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The abilities stays disabled even after killing the Null comba and similar enemies in Orb Vallis. No matter what I do, it stays disabled. At the highest alert level these guys show up and once they disable any ability, that particular ability is disabled for that session permanently. Hope you guys notice this post soon. And any of you tennos notice this bug, please comment here. Thanks.

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4 hours ago, xHeretic said:

You have to die or go to fortuna to negate this bug. Actually it's pretty bad, bc it's almost impossible farm things as nekros/hydroid bc those warframes needs their abilities to farm...


Yeah right..that's why it's bothering me. For now I might just die,but don't know if the bug is retained with new spawn of nullifier enemies. I might as well test it then.

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