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Suggestions for Garuda's kit


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I like Garuda as she is right now, but i feel like it needs some little changes since she's in great disadvantage all the time; here's my suggestion:

Her 1st is fast, it's good, but i feel like invincibility during the animation would make it even better, don't want to get shot at while trying to get my shields up. Also, it would be nice if we were able to throw the blood orb without removing the shield; it would improve our survivability by a lot (Since Garuda by herself is kinda squishy).

Her 2nd is extremely fast, which is really nice, i really liked this ability; but a buff in heal radius would make it 100 times better, you can't just wait for an enemy to walk close to you or your teammates just to get a little bit of heals, it only locks you up in one place and expose you to get killed pretty easily (unless you're moving like crazy which is really uncomfortable and i guess that's not the intention of the ability).

EDIT: Also, i've noticed that the healing slows down when you're close to full health; please for the love of god remove this.

Her 3rd... god... i really wanted something else in this ability, i mean, anything could make it better. Might improve by adding something else to the ability; maybe change her passive into damage to health = energy, just like a rage mod but as a passive, and instead of just trading health for energy, trade health for a temporary damage buff (Something like swapping her passive and her 3rd) you would still regenerate energy thanks to her passive and also you will gain a temporary buff that doesn't runs out in like 3 seconds and puts you in danger.

Her 4th is really nice, i really liked the change, but it'd be nice if it wasn't a charge skill, it's really difficult to charge it and try to avoid being shot at once.

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A little addition in the suggestions of her 2nd
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