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The applications and inplications of Garuda being able to enjoy a pizza while charging her "1"


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So, after falling in love with Garuda, I decided to see if I could test the limits of what I can actually pull off with her in a reasonable, standard encounter of the warframe variety.

And then this happened.

As it turns out, not only can Garuda pick up energy orbs while channeling her 1 but she can also enjoy the effects of a Squad Energy Restore pad, and while this is an assumption I am inclinced to believe she could make use of an EV Trin doing EV Trin things. Coulping this with an apparent lack of an upper limit to Garuda's 1's (mind you it only took me about a minute to get to this point here from a 323k inert orb) I'm curious to see just how absurd people with patience can push this to as a reasonable, if somewhat impractical way of cleaning up anything in your way.


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