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Yet another Garuda feedback(and 3 bugs)


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Garuda has some nice features but it has also problems and even bugs.

Lets look at all abilities one by one:

1) Interesting mechanics, strong ability(if use it for ball throwing, initial attack needs some buffs like a bleed proc(or scaling with strength) or something like that)  but it has a problem:

splash damage is not blocked(so staticor corpus guys do not even notice the shield)

and two bugs:

Bug1: Cannot be used on enemies partially hidden my objects even if path looks clear enough which is frustrating.

Bug2: Cannot target any enemy that is hanged by Khora's 4 and that is illogical at all, abilities should not be blocked by each other, right?

2) Great ability but shares bugs of 1 and base radius is in my opinion is too small to be effective for team gameplay.

3) Useful one but with 130% efficiency it doesn't give good amount of energy, i would like 50% for 50% deal at 130% efficiency 😉

4) This one feels not good at all to me, even if it can be a nice team buff.

First thing you see when using it: It's SLOOOOOOOW, yeah its slower than just slow, it takes lot of time to charge enough.

Second thing is range of it - we do not see range in stats but it is too limited to be useful at open world locations, well... is too limited to reach edge of Hydron map from roughly center(with 145% range), often it ignores enemies above(around 5-10m) even if you aim at them.

Third thing is damage: It is very low and should be 2-4 times higher at base to be useful at levels  20+.

And fourth thing is description of it: It is partially misleading seeing 10s base of duration(because i thought it will be bleeding duration), should be something like "mark duration".

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