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Account Transferal to Switch



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24 minutes ago, junyynyyn said:

Do account transferals delete your account from PC once transferred over or do you get to keep both accounts simultaneously?

There aren't any details on what Nintendo will allow. Saying that, you can't 'put out' (as the case may be) the other companies[Sony/MS] in favour of another - pretty sure this gets written into contract. So it's probably safe to say it'll be pretty similar.

But going off of the previous transfer, your account should just get cloned to whatever Nintendo's online network is, and thereafter progress on that account is solely done on the switch.

5 minutes ago, GnarlsDarkley said:

If they handle it like PS4/XBone your PC account will be deleted

This never happened. 

The only thing that was destroyed was any prior progress made in Warframe on the console. With the PC replacing the preexisting console account.

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