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First i want thank you for huge effort that you did in fortuna and lot of things that you show it us there but there's something I believe I was good with it but I don't know if you change or not and that is standing in plains of eidolon and fortuna recently before I was playing bounties for rewards and standing or mining gems or fishing fishes and change them for standing and that only deduct from daily standing ( exp. MR 25 daily standing 26000 change 2000 standing gems then 26000 - 2000 = 24000 ) but bounties not getting effected by daily standing 

And now whatever I play bounties, mining gems or fishing fishes its all effect on daily standing and both plains of eidolon and fortuna effect on daily standing too

I believe that daily standing limit to prevent any more easy standing by fishing or mining but by bounties that a hard to get so plz I hope to fix that issue 

Thank you for your help anyway

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forget somthing
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