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Blooddrenched Sigil not really working on squishy frames


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i bought the blooddrenched sigil and put it on my nova. i am well aware that i am supposed to only get blooddrenched by getting damage, which i do, and yet i do not have any of the effects showing. none at all.

Nova Prime
Lamia Skin
Black and Halloween marker green
and yes, even though my nova is black the sigil effect is visible in my character menu. i simply don't get the effect while playing.

would be nice if this could be fixed since i bought the pack only for the sigil, which is not working for me.

okay, went to the simulacrum.
The sigil works, BUT i'd need to nearly die like 6 times in order for the blood to get really noticable. that equals to roughly 4200 dmg. a squishy frame can not afford to "eat" that amount of dmg.
I'd be really happy if the sigils effects would show a bit earlier... at least on frames like nova. Maybe half that amount or even a quarter...
I'd like my nova to be blooddrenched from combat without the necessity to soak up 4,2k dmg...since i actually try to avoid to get stomped that hard.

TLDR: would like the sigil to show blood on squishy frames without the necessity to tank enormous amounts of dmg.

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