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Orb Vallis mission timer doesn't reset properly


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When starting bounties from orb vallis the timer for for finding the dead agents doesnt reset between bounties, if you start the second bounty form orb vallis. Meaning if you found the dead agents and hacked the consol in 2min, finished the whole bounty bounty and started another one where you have to do the same stage you only have 5min-2min=3min to do the stage.
I hope you can understand what I tried to explain in my second language and thanks very much for your dedication to fix all the bugs and a great update. 🙂

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This bug also affects the "collect 1000 credits per player" mission of the bounties, meaning that you only need to collect the credits once. When you pick another bounty without returning to fortuna, and you get that mission, you immediately cause the target to spawn.

I have experienced this and the bug reported by Naryan playing solo.

Not fixed as of 24.0.5

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