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"We all lift together" scene replay, massive issue with windows key


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So I replayed the We All Lift Together cutscene, and around the time Eudico is about to sit down with her gun I pressed the windows key to tab out of the game (I had no other windows open at the time) and the music immediately started to stutter hard, like a blue screen was trying desperately to happen but it never did. From that point onward the game locked up, the sound stopped and I couldn't do anything to close it. alt+ctrl+delete didn't even work, so I had to force a shut down by holding the power button.

I'm aware that this could be partially the game and partially my hardware/drivers, or even just my hardware/drivers, but I wanted to post this just to make sure it didn't have something to do with the game. Normally I get pretty decent frames everywhere outside of the larger maps (Fortuna included), and even then things are moderately smooth and playable. The cutscene itself was near-perfect frame wise, though it was weird that Eudico's (metal?) flap below her back was clipped into her legs when the cutscene started, maybe something didn't load properly?

It's impressive that this is all done in-engine, and I'm hoping this issue can be resolved on whatever end it needs to be.



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