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It woud be great if we coud have more statistics about a few mods like on overall of the missions how much value did he gave


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Hey Folks, 


I've been looking for a long time a feature that woud let us see how much value a fews mods gave us with maybe an other tab in the mission result for exemple the mod that's giving you the imunity when you roll, maybe we coud see on that stats screen the % of uptime or the amount of damage that was prevented, there is a lot of mods that we can't realy know the value of, how much do we exacly get from a certain mods which feel akward when choosing which mod to equip I'm mostly thinking about the new set. And I suppose that warframe has that kind of data so it's only about serving it to us, anyway fortuna is great having tons of fun with it, Warframe as always been a realy nice game in all the years I played, so good job for that,


Much love


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