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Fortuna: Cave fishing bugs


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Hello, I encountered some bugs that make cave fishing really hard and annoying, I don't know if I'm the only one haveing these.

The first bug is that a lot of fish spawn in the ground, which in the small ponds of caves is kinda frustrating especially when a rare fish spawns.

The second one is that sometimes I can't seem to hit them with my fishing spear. It's like it bounces off of them or something which is again frustrating in the case of a synathid for example.

I hope these bugs are getting fixed soon, otherwise I really like the update so far.

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That goes for dye and bait; it doesn't register you as standing on the shore properly, or something and the bait will fall through the world. If you try the same body of water standing on different objects, 8/10 times it will work and recognize it as valid.



hahaha oh god what

Apparently activating Ivara's Navigator with bait out, under certain circumstances, allows you to navigate the bait wtf.

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