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Dojo Matchmaking Bug & 6 loudy Octavias


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I don't know if you have went to Hydron yesterday but an hour before the "nasty" matchmaking bug fix, this was the place you were getting instead, on what was later known as HYDRON PRIME. We just couldn't leave neither so why not make a party on it? This little video doesn't represent the entirety of what transpired in there 🤣


Many thanks to "Creation and Ruin" clan dojo, the forced host of this mandatory event, the guy there was ultra polite with everyone even though hundreds of players were spawning. Clan wasn't just beautifully decorated but also very patient with us, a Hek of a host. Sorry for the low res but it was impossible to record through the massive stuttering. Some nicks I wish they could see this (that I remember): Jet90, StratosMaestro, NotMystique. The all dancing crap - Rychour, Celticc68 - Octavias: Heyrey, BlitzFire7, SomethingCatFull, ThereNeverDawn. There was a golden Octavia I forgot the name.


The only game in the planet were a bug is a fun experience. Sort of.


Konzu even got some early lunch after that! Too many potatoes. Cheers.🥂




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