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Augustus the blessing Frame


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by David Curser

The frame can either be of an emporer appearance or of one of the riders of apocalypse. Either works with the visuals. For that sake I wrote alternative titles onto the spells.

Augustus is skinny, slim, of skeletal appearance, with a thin spine leading up to a ripcage and edgy shoulders. Metallic effects adorn his arms and spine, like bones piercing dry and shrunken skin.
His head is round and bald, with a grinning skull face.
He wears either a long floaty coat that reaches the floor, or a wide skirt, dress or robe, that dangles around his stick-legs.
He has a noble and straight animation, radiating nobility with every step.

Augustus is a buffer that thrives of duration and range, he has no need for strength and doesnt have any damaging abilities. He needs none.
His theme is the command over the battlefield, leading his minions to victory. He brings out the best of allies and curses his enemies on the fields of war.

Passive: (I know passives don't get to have names) That's a conincidence, I swear!
Bulletjumps cause a pulse that opens crests and unlocked lockers within 50 meters.

1: Devide and Conquer/War (duration, range, cheap, instant)
Augustus raises his hand to curse an enemy with taunt. He will start to fight Augustus' enemies, as well as they start to fight him. They are forced to walk up to the enemy to fight him in close range.
This ability would be his main CC and cause groups in a wide area to stick together, making it easier to aim at them or kill them all in a quick swoop. It also takes fire off the Tenno and leaves them well defended as long as the mob is alive and kicking.

2: Red Sun-Blue Sun/Death-Hunger (duration, range, hold to swap, little cast time)
Augustus is conjuring an enery orb that gives blessing to his surroundings in a wide radius. The orbs stick to Augustus and follow him around the field, moving the field with him.
    Red Sun is a damage buff for his allies and himself. Every damage output, strength, movement speed, reload speed, attack speed, fire rate, and the range of bullet jumps are doubled. This is a berserker rush that comes over the squad to make quick work of the mobs and the mission target.
    Blue Sun is a defensive buff for his allies and himself. Health, shields, overshield capacity, Armor, ability duration, the amount blocked by melee weapons and the range of dodging are doubled. Revives are instant and bleed out times are doubled as well.

3: Curseth land/Pestilance (duration, range, charge for more range and duration)
Augustus is cursing the area around him, leaving an effect on the ground that sticks to it. Every enemy that steps on it has his statistics reduced to half. Health, Armor, shields, firerate, damage output, resistances and movement speed are reduced to half their amount.
Every mod that dies on the field drops a health- and an energy orb.

4: Fall/Apocalypse (duration, range, instant)
Augustus is buffing himself and his allies in a wide area. Everyone within receives his blessing. For the duration of the ability, every damage dealt by the allies or Augustus are causing a stun upon the enemy hit, that lasts for the duration of the ability.
This would make casters that cover the map with a spell into a CC machine.

Augment mods:
Scavanger: Mobs that die on the Curseth Land are dropping additional loot (similar to pilfering swarm).

Apocalypse Now: Mobs that die while they are stunned, increase the duration of Apocalypse by 5 seconds each.

Winter's Sun: Damage dealth while under the influence of Blue Sun is healing by 50% of the damage dealt.
Summer Sun: Mobs killed give 50% more affinity.


I know DE is never reading any of these concepts, so it's a shame well never see any of these spells. But I'd really like to play that. I hope you agree and you had fun imagining dominating the battlefield with Augustus.

Until then, chears. DC.




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