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Want to mess with a new frame: Revenant or Garuda?


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Heya fellow Tenno 🙂

Just have a question for some people that have maybe tried a few more frames than me...

But i want to try out a new frame, and i'm debating between Revenant and Garuda.

I'm currently MR16 with about 400 hours into the game, so i'm not a complete newb at least. I have quite a few frames and primes but i haven't picked up a new one in quite awhile. On top of that, i tend to play in waves... go hardcore for a few weeks, then take a month or two off. Rinse and repeat. This is basically "comfort food: the game" for me lol.

Anyway, I haven't played since about the end of august and now that Fortuna is out i'm getting that good ol' warframe itch again.

I know Rev has had some issues and Garuda is the new hotness... but my desires are a bit... specific... i suppose.

I'm looking for a frame that is a decent all-arounder with a good amount of aoe. It doesn't have to push sortie 3 level, go 8+ waves in ESO or survive for 2 hours on Mot... (thought none of those are a detriment per-se). It just has to be fun, flashy and able to aoe grind without falling over dead with a look.

I'm REALLY tempted to try garuda... but i'm not sure if the complexity would put me off. I'd kinda like to see what kind of power i can get our of her 4 ability on it's own (for something like, say, slaughtering hydron a few times).

On the other hand, while Revenant isn't the greatest (so i hear), i've seen some VERY interesting "spin to win" type builds on youtube that i kinda would like to try.

I have enough plat to burn to try out one of them for fun and profit. Take them through hydron/akkad/helene/etc. a few times to forma them up to speed and then take em for a spin out in Orb Valus.

But i figured it wouldn't hurt to ask advice. (i just got home from working all night so i'll pick up the thread after some sleep :)).

Ty for any advice Tenno! 🙂

TL:DR; Want to buy/try a new frame. And to be able to aoe, solo and survive. Doesn't necessarily have to be a level 100+ mob god. Want it to look cool. Narrowed down to Rev vs. Garuda. Looking for tips.

Cheers 🙂

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I would go Revenat if you want a frame that is more self-sufficient. They both are, but I think Revenat at least has somewhat more survivability.


Not to mention way less bugs. Garuda has a lot of bugs now, but you can wait, and use her after they've fixed her issues. She has explosive damage (as of right now - expect the Nerf hammer coming to "rebalance" that.) And she's fun to play.

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