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Hi, I'm just gonna make a list of suggestion or tweaks I think would be great.

First, we can't use remote observers with the K-drive right now, and it would be great to be able to make some far away screenshots while doing some sick tricks jumping off a cliff.

It would be nice to remove the displayed 3000 point cap so we really know how good a combo was, and just add the 750 maximum reputation gain on the display separately.

I feel like the game is too permissive on the landing of tricks when you're very close to the ground, often you'll just skip the frames of the trick animation end and just be on the ground with a validated combo, you should be ragdolled when you start a backflip 1m over the ground. Maybe the grabs should just cancel the combo but let you on the ground without really falling, but a late copter of flip should make you fall. Part of what make a skate / snowboard / hoverdrive game is that you can actually fail a trick, and you have to be cautious how much tricks you do before landing. I'm not a fan of the spam every tricks you can before landing mode, sure you get a lot of points but it don't looks that great.

On a more technical note, it would be nice to remove the get on K-drive animation when you jump on it while airbound after dismounting it in the air, so we can charge a jump, then dismount in air, shoot / use ability, and get back on the K-drive without the delay this animation create. This would be a more fluid transition.

I often try to make screenshots while in air and the fact that the K-drive will always automatically head toward where the camera is looking isn't helping. Maybe add an option so it only happens when you go forward (like some of the archwing), so you can let go of the control and look around as you want ?

Trick suggestion : sometime when you get on the K-drive your frame will get stuck and don't do animations anymore. I can't tell you the step to reproduce it, but this make the copter looks like a pop shov it and it looks really good 😀. So maybe add this and some kickflip / heelflip in the tricks we have ? It feels weird not having those iconic tricks in the game.
Also the boardslides looks cools but it would be fun to be able to do some parallel grinds as well, maybe deciding the grind direction by velocity instead of camera angle so we can turn the camera by 90°
and still do some 50-50 ?

And finally, it would be great to be able to use the K-drive in the dojos, even if it's just in a restricted room with specific decorations than can handle the grinds, kind of like the obstacle course architect but for skateparks.

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