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What happens if you crash in fortuna with loot


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I sometimes have over 500fish and 1000stones at me,so i wonder if i crash(something not so uncommon but it gets better if patches)
do i get to keep the loot? does it get mailed to me? or is it forever gone.

I also wonder why does reputation meter not go up in fortuna

>go farm wizkids get around 50000 reputation because i have fun doing it
>go to profile syndicates wizkids rep gained 0
>leave fortuna
>check profile again
>wizkids reputation maxed

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if you crash in the middle of a mission and you were solo you loose all loot - not sure how it works if you crash as a client when someone else is host and manage to reconnect to the session.


as for "rep meter"- stuff gained in mission is again - not gained untill you complete mission - so during mission it will shown values withou whatever progress you made so far in the mission.


if you want to check how much you've got in current session click esc->view mission progress->syndicates

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