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Invisible K-Drive riding


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It happened when I inspected a dead agent and interrupted the animation by calling my archwing. I called my k-drive from the archwing and then it happened. The Warframe was now resting on the ground while I was driving the K-Drive. Calling the Q-Menu was impossible, I could not get Ventkidsstanding, and nothing else.

Here is a video of the result.


Thank you DE for Fortuna ❤️

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After this happened again to me i know now exactlyy how it happens. When you try to interrupt the animation and call your K-Drive. After this yyou control the K-Drive without standing on it. 

When your Warframe dies in this state, the camera focuses the Warframe again while bleeding out. The Bleedout happens for you in the Air, while Teammates can still revive you . When you are getting revived it happens that you hang in the air and can move around without falling down. This state you can cancel through calling your Archwing.

Hope you fix this soon @DE, you are doing a great job ^^

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vor 18 Stunden schrieb Thibaultmol:

I'm having this issue as well. Any workaround for when it happens?

So There are 2 solutions that i figured out. 

1. Abort the Mission

2. Try to kill your Warframe. The easiest way for that is calling some mates and they are bating enemys to yyour position, after this they can revive you. You will see that you are now floating in the air, try to call your Archwing to fix this.

GL HF ^^

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I interrupted the animation of the dead agents by selecting archwing launcher multiple times before and had never a problem.
Then I selected the wrong gear and called the K-Drive instead, what results in remote control of the K-Drive.
The unstuck command didn't worked. Just luck that some enemies where there to kill my warframe for a reset.

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