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3/4 Agent Found - Mission Failed, Cetus all over again.


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Good morning.

I found a bounty bug, that happened five times in a row.

This concerns the bounty part, were you have to locate the bodies of a missing team. The area is between Fortuna and the first Corpus PoE, roughly in the middle of that main road. If your back is towards Fortuna, there's a drop off to the water on your right, with the Matterhorn to your left. 

The circle that covers the mission area is over the pond's shoreline, a part of a small island, a cave, and a good part of the Matterhorn. The three agents are located on that drop off, close to the water's/pond's edge. I scoured the area, but never found the fourth. Unless he/she is spawning in the lake, they're just not there.

Similar to the cache bug on Cetus, I'll stop doing bounties for now and focus on gathering minerals and "fish" for rep.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



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