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Venari and Eidolon hunt


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I've met some bugs recently: 

the first one is with Venari and the new mod Fetch, this mod doesn't work on Venari at all.

The second is with the Eidolon shards that you have to put on the shrine in the middle of the lake in PoE, sometimes when someone inserts his shard, the previous shard will disappear, showing two shards instead of 4. (this bug can be avoided by repeatingly removing and inserting the shards, but it's pretty annoying)

The third is with the Eidolon Teralyst, Guntulyst, and Hydrolist, sometimes when me and my team break one of his parts, he just disappears, and move to a different location, even if we have a charged lure. More rarely it happens even in the middle of the fight, like *puff*.

Can we get a fix with these bugs corrected? thanks

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