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Status quo of RPs?


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Two of the Rakawan RPs are still active, plus that 'Shimmering Light in the Dark Sector' Denny2669 RP. There's also my recent Setup 2018 RP. Unfortunately besides these main four, the forum has fallen into silence. I liked the RP Forum back when it was really popular, it sucks that not many people are posting here anymore

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On 2018-11-16 at 4:15 AM, Psychotoxin said:

Hmm... I am registered on SV, but that's about it....

And, yeah, I've seen the threads for Discord RPs, but RPing on Discord just has been a mess in my experience.

Roleplaying on Discord becomes incredibly messy unless you're willing to organize the heck out of things. As long as you have 2 or 3 people willing to organize the server and do all the administrative work, its a pretty seamless experience, and it can be better enforced compared to forum RPs.


I've found a lot of Discord RPs are poorly managed and typically consist of like 5 channels only. In my Discord, we have over 12 active RPs in different channels to ensure availability of options. We also ensure turn orders to make things fair, and have formatting guidelines so everything is nicely organized and coherent.

I'll be real, there aren't many people willing to put in this work purely for the benefit of their members, so as a result most Discord RPs are just landfills of people spamming 1-line posts in a single channel for an hour straight.

Shameless plug: 

Sorry, I had to advertise my own thing, although I'm sure you've seen it on the forums already.

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