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Supposed Comprehensive Twitch Drop Fix List



Let me preface this by saying that twitch drops did work for me during the initial twitch drop event and I "REALLY" took advantage of it. I ended up with over 20 nitan extracts and 40 forma BPs for example and its possible that DE has some behind the scenes throttling based on the number of twitch drops an account has received. I haven't seen anyone talking about this - so I figured I'd bring it up.

The reason this is bugging me now is that for the last twitch drop event I was never able to receive 1 reward, I also didn't get the Syndana during Tennocon 2018 even though I watched the full thing from start to finish live. Given that Khora and Nidus are 2 of the 4-5 frames I have left to farm, this is event has huge time-savings potential for me.

Below are the notes to my testing, the supposed theories or fixes out there and their results. I have been "watching" or idle in streams for 40 hours since the start of the event. The total number of drops I have acquired are 6.

Please note 1 hour of un-interrupted "watch-time" is required to receive 1 drop. All tests below were done in 90 minute increments.

1) Twitch Link Refresh

This should be your first stop. Some individuals have been unable to get this to work unless you also clear your browser cache and close out of your browser before re-linking.


a) Go into your account page on warframe.com. At the bottom of the Account Page next to the save button is your twitch link status, click the 'click here to unlink' button. alternatively you can go here once you are logged into warfame.com: https://www.warframe.com/twitch/unlink_action.

b) Now go to twitch.tv/connections (https://www.twitch.tv/settings/connections) and disconnect Warframe from your twitch account.

c) Then go here: https://www.warframe.com/twitch.link to re-link your account. I have tried this multiple times to no avail, but this is confirmed to work for some individuals    

2) Browser/Platform type

Some individuals have been unable to receive rewards if they are viewing on the same platform they are playing on. So if you are a PC user and you are watching on the same PC, and if you are a console user and you have the twitch app running in the background. There have also been reports of people getting it to work purely by switching the browser they are using to watch twitch on.

I have tried: PS4 Browser, PS4 Twitch App, Android Mobile Browser, Android Mobile Twitch App, PC Twitch App, PC Chrome, PC Firefox, PC Internet Explorer. All browsers have not worked, and I have also tried to refresh my link before changing browsers.

3) *FALSE* Twitch Activity - Away - Invisible

There is a rumor going around that you must be "present" at your browser for the full duration. Twitch automatically changes your status to "away" if no KEYBOARD input is made to the device in the previous 10 minutes. I can confirm the only times I was able to get drops was while I was idle, overnight.... so this one does not appear have any effect. If you really want to test this, leave something on your "up" key while you are idle and you will never be set to "away" again. This will not help though.

4) *FALSE* Do not Mute the stream!

This one appears to be another one that is just false. Again the only 6 drops I have received have been overnight, when I had the stream volume completely muted. Just to be sure though all active testing has been done with volume turned all the way up.

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