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Hydroid bugs while in orb vallis


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I don't know if anyone has mentioned it before, but so far I have encountered 2 bugs while using hydroid. Firstly, I don't know if this is just one room or if there's more than one room affected, but in one of the dead end room in space port, there's a bug that will make you fall through the map and end up at the gates of fortuna again if you're using hydroid's 3rd ability. I can't show where the room is since I ended up there by chance but it was a small room containing a grineer container. Another bug that I have encountered is that when I am using hydroid's 3rd ability again, I can still get pushed by those corpus enemies using some beam weapon. I got pushed all the way to the edge of a wall even when I was a puddle and died while falling through the map. Not sure if that's a bug or a feature, but the thing that was weird to me was that I somehow died even though I was supposed to be invincible.

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