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host migration happened on extraction, showed mission succes but gave me no loot


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blank.pngblank.pngi did a survival mission "tycho" on lua. We were there for 43 minutes, then we went to extraction. A host migration happened just when we were about to extract. After the usual loading screen, it showed mission success and gave me my focus but no loot, which is particularly annoying because i had farmed 13 neurodes that mission.blank.png https://ctrlv.cz/TTyk (this is a link to "the last mission results" when i click it on my orbiter, i dont know how to post an image here i´m sorry) You can also see its bugged because you can see the total kills number being 0 and 331 but damage dealt is shown as 0% for both of us. I would love to get my 13 neurodes please :)

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