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New Bug R/T Moa Anti-Grav


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Literally spent 20 minutes hunting for enemies on a defense. Akkad, Eris; Apparently when infested on this map are hit with antigrav, they fly through the roof never to return unless the host leaves the party. A ton of enemies fell through the ceiling after the host left (The host was also the one with the antigrav moa), probably the entire wave's worth of enemies.

Warframe; Rhino with Steel Charge equipped

Per the owner of the Moa in question, mods equipped are:

Anti-Grav Grenade (3/3), Link Health (5/10), Vacuum (5/5)

Additionally, the parts the Moa is made of include:

Para Moa, Drex Core, Harpen Gyro, and Drimper Brackets

Weapon of the Moa: Sweeper Prime



I was unable to reproduce this in solo play.

After about 30 minutes of testing various ways to make this happen again, 3 factors come to mind. Latency, which always causes bugs, being the primary problem for mods like this.

Rhino stomp and drop slam attacks from melee cause some seriously wonky flight patterns when comboed with the antigrav moa mod.

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Additional Info after testing
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Had this problem with the Uranus t3 sortie defense. Mobs turned into balloons that floated way up high, and on a melee only mission. I was the owner of the moa. Had to do a lot of parkour and void dashing to bounce mobs someplace close enough to hit with abilities or amp strikes.

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