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Bounties taken from the Vallis do not give standing


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I also had multiple bounties accepted in orb vallis not award standing.

I Started with ~25k standing (13k remaining till cap)

Spawned directliy into vallis. (solo)

Accepted first bounty (Tier 3) from the npc next to fortuna.

Completed said bounty, which apparently DID award the appropriate amount of standing

I checked the mission reward screen (+3k -> 28k total)

Then I liberated a camp (transit depot) and accepted all three bounties from the npc there.

I completed them and returned to fortuna, but the standing total remained at ~28k (~10k remaining) as if the last three bounties never happened.



Edit: Did not have this particular issue again, but encounterd a different bug whereas bonus standing (although properly displayed at stage completion) does not appear to be awarded. Also the final bonus item reward was not given despite completion of all bonus objectives.

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I've confirmed that this also happens on my end. When doing a normal bounty taken from Eudico, it will show the standing accquired below when you finish a stage of a bounty. If you take a bounty from a base in the Vallis and complete a stage, it will not show any standing gained below the item reward.

I was nowhere near the daily cap also naturally.

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