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Toroid cave spawn locations info (with 21 examples) [UPDATED 1/1/2019]


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[EDIT] I've went over every place where I know where Toroids can spawn in caves & uploaded a new video that shows the exact location of 21 spots, across 20 caves:

A link to a numbered map with timestamps can be found in the video's description (as well as a pinned comment).



if the above doesn't show:



~~~~~~~~ Original thread below this line ~~~~~~~~



I've visited all 30 caves for quite a few times already, and these 10 locations seem to spawn the Toroids in a somewhat similar consistency, like wisps in PoE:



Did I miss any locations? Do you know of other Toroid spawn locations? (I don't mean the killing everything in sight of Spaceport/Enrichment Labs/Temple of Profit)



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14 hours ago, Omnimble said:
16 hours ago, SteRage said:

Can't remember exactly, it was left side of map either the one above The Pearl or the further north cave, found a Toroid on a ledge behind a pillar of rock in the middle of an open chasm.

The two caves East of The Temple of Profit.



Thanks! I found a toroid twice in the big shroom cave you both posted. Have yet to find one in the tiny cave in @SteRage's first image.

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