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Moa companion not using abilites


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My new Moa, such a cutie, seems to be having some hick-ups when it comes to actually being useful in combat. The Anti-Grav Grenade and Whiplash Mine mods with which he was shipped are already maxed out and installed, yet I haven't seen him use them once so far after an hour (give or take) of continued use. Is it required to also equip one of the weapons provided by Legs before the abilities may be used? 

UPDATE: I just tried a few runs in Orb Vallis and he, the little moa cutie, used his abilities; yet while observing him on a pre-Fortuna mission he once again failed to do anything besides being as fabulous as Ticker.

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I can confirm that Security Override and Tractor Beam also suffer the same problem. Although it seems not even playing fortuna missions will get my MOA to do anything. Tractor Beam Seems to be completely non-functional but I can clearly see the MOA trying to hack consoles with Security Override but it ends up just sitting there getting caught up on every console it finds making it look kind of cute but significantly less useful.

I saw a claim that removing vacuum caused the MOA's abilities to function however testing it myself seems to have done nothing to change the matter.

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