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Custom K-drive parts misalignment


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Just when Fortuna released, K-Drives had animations for accelerating and Braking, with engines and reactor shuffling back and forth. Since the first hotfix or so they're missing, and the board is stuck in the "braking" position, with the rear leg of the warframe clipping into the reactor module when you ride it.


Comparing my K-Drive in the Arsenal VS in the Vallis:


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Yeah I'm having this issue as well.

In the arsenal, and in the "assemble k-drive" menu, it looks fine.

However, during bounties and in the captura, the reactor component doesn't seem to be in the correct position, clipping into the board itself and the warframe's leg.


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Same issue on all three boards with a variety of attachments. This discrepancy between the preview/arsenal view and the Vallis version applies to every board I've seen belonging to others there too.

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