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Will the gray smoke cloud ever be fixed for the Plains of Eidolon?

(XBOX)Grimsley Clause

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So, ever since PoE dropped on console, there's always been this wall of smoke that is about 400 meters out that moves with you. I know this is not on PC since obviously the hardware is better.

I've never been sure why it's here since I'm unsure of what the limitation is, but I always hope it will eventually get optimized so I can fully enjoy the scenery without seeing this ugly gray thing looming in the background.

This especially worries me for Fortuna, since it's much bigger than the Plains. Will this ever be optimized, or am I just going to have to continue dealing with it? 

This is what i'm talking about, for visual representation. I'm merely showing it moving around as I move as it's very noticeable. 


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