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Dread Mirror's Lunge Should Deal More Damage


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So far, I think the single thing that I love the most about Garuda is the lunge range on Dread Mirror. Being able to jump onto an enemy from 50 meters away and rip them apart is SO satisfying, and makes me feel like an epic assassin. The problem, though, is that this part of the skill does almost no damage. It feels good, looks incredibly visceral, yet the damage does not reflect the look and feel of the skill.I understand that if the target is below 35% health it will instantly kill them, but there aren't many situations where there will be many low health targets just walking around for Garuda to assassinate.

I honestly feel like Dread Mirror's lunge should deal finisher damage. The animation is just too fitting and would make the ability perfect. Plus, thematically, it makes sense for a frame that's all about cold, heartless murder.

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