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Am I allowed to have a second account?



My sister and an exchange student just made their first Warframe account, however, I already have most OP things, if I were to play with them, it'd lack challenge, I want to be equal to them and have to struggle aswell, I tried using unmodded debatably "bad" weapons to give it more of a challenge, but it still got really boring really quick, hence why I figured I might as well create a second account.

I figured it might be important to add that this account and my main account would be unrelated to this account, I'm not planning on giving items from my main account to this second account, nor vice versa, they'd be seperated in every possible way, except for having my sister and the exchange student on my friend list.

I haven't created a second account yet, and if it's not allowed, then I won't create the account, I do not want to break any rules, hence why I'm asking here.

Am I allowed to make a second account?

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