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The conservation hunt, works against the player.


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Good afternoon.

I wish to give some insight into the conservation side quest, and how it's worse than mining on Cetus.

1. Tracks won't appear half of the time. If they do, they're either barely visible in the snow or blend in the fungus groves. In the Astra Crater, the tracking quest won't start at all.

2. The starting tranq pistol is garbage. Inferior range, flight time (falls off quickly), noisy, and head shots only seem to count. 

3. Stay down wind, and stay out of sight... Right. You do realise that A) the call point is in the middle of a wide open area and B) you can't tell wind direction if each plant is blowing in a separate direction.

4. The Bliz, takes too long in explaining what to do. By the time he tells you to equip your tranq pistol, you'll hear "You lost it, outworlder."

Um, excuse me? Maybe you should stop waffling about the "perfect" mating call?

5. Corpus and spiders scare off the critters, yet 75% of the calling points are where Corpus regularly patrol or spawn from drop ships.

It's a novel idea, but the execution was poorly done. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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