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Pressing Y Opens Contacts In 9.8 (And Other Ui Bugs)


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First bug: Title, even does so while typing in chat.



Second: Also since 9.8 I'm having a lot of trouble zooming out to the full system menu. It'll stay zoomed in basically making me stare into empty space instead of the planet's mission, logging out doesn't fix this problem, I've had to restart my game to fix it.



Third: Speaking of logging out, typing in chat will also type into your Email Address in login, so when I log out i see something along the lines of this:



example@email.comblah blah blah go to recruiting blah blah blah, check the forums for patch notes blah blah blah






Just found this fourth trying to recreate the second (related?):  I get the message "Could not join session, no longer available. After this message I'm no longer able to zoom out. I can still see all the missions but clicking on them does not start them, whether playing solo or online. This also required a full restart of the game to fix.

The "back", "zoom out" buttons when zoomed in are displayed during the login screen if you log out, logging out also prevents logging in until the game is restarted.


I may just upload a short video of me attempting to recreate these bugs since they happen so often. For now here are some pictures:


Video being rendered, will upload and link when ready, also sending a link to video and a copy of my EE to Support.

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