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What the Fudge is this! (possible spoilers)


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This scared the crap out of me when I saw it. Its just sitting there. It dosnt look like one of those giant spider things. But it dosnt look like anything else either really. It also makes a noice when you stand around it. Anyone have any idea as to what this is?








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I guess it has something to do with the bosses we fight in the future, not sure yet.

It starts to moan when you are there with your Operator for example.


But i am pretty sure it will play a role in the future, because of the animations and so on.

Or maybe there is a puzzle to solve to interact with it, who knows.

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No idea.

Despite being in the Orokin Dig Site it doesn't look Orokin. It might be a Corpus digging machine, but it doesn't look Corpus. It's too dark for Tenno style, too sleek for Grineer, too nice for the Infested, and too normal for the Sentient.

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