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Dojo Deco Issue: Resources are Missing


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So let's build something, shall we? Here's our current resources...b5rjv3B.png

Okay, so everything's here, right? Well, let's go fund some decorations.


Oh look, some assorted stuff to fund. So let's fund them.


Cool. Thanks for having so many resources, clanmates! Let's do the other one.


Um, didn't we just have like 50 Morphics? And tens of thousands of Rubedo? Well, let's see what happens. Maybe the resources just aren't showing up.


And they pull from my resource pool. Well.


Yeah, dojo funding is a little broken right now. Not only does this break, but if I look at a different decoration that requires different resources it's completely okay. It just seems to be the first decoration that you contribute to, for some reason.

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