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Doesnt Give Rewards After returning to Fortuna(From Vallis)


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To start, this has happened to me twice now. I was farming for toroids with other players. Now they had resource boosters and I didn't(not that that has anything to do with this), but when we returned to Fortuna they got their rewards, and I didn't. I had farmed about 1-3 Calda Toroids(my bad for not remembering the exact amount), and 3 for the Sola and Vega Toroids. Now I am pretty mad bc it was all for farming for Garuda bc I was excited to get her after the update, but then all those toroids just went yeet and some magical being yoinked it from muh account. I only have one left (Vega Toroid)from getting it outside of farming. In a nutshell, I had lost toroids from farming, in which I had found out after the free roams, and would like to let others know this could happen to YOU. If possible, I would like for the Toroids to be returned to my account.
So yeah, anybody else who has this issue, pass it along to others and share the news.

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Just happened to a friend twice in a row - we went out, farmed Calda and Vega (we both had two of each).  He died 4x at the Temple of Profit (because jeezypeets and sunshine but ********) and I was on my 2nd revive, so I ran out and extracted.  I kept all my rewards and he didn't get jack, including a cool mod and both the 2 calda and 2 vega.

Well, we're not ready to quit yet, so we figure we'll get Sola Toroids out of the way tonight and get the other two for him again tomorrow.  We go down into the Temple of Profit and I pick up one but he misses it because he's dying.  I don't want to lose my rewards to death so we both leave and make it to Vallis - but he has no rewards again.  He had pick-ups (not the Sola, but others), but none of them were on the reward screen or in his inventory.

Given that Vallis is the sort of place you go out into and pick up fish and ore for an hour or two before heading back, this seems like a bug that needs to be fixed ASAP.

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