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My Garuda Feedback.


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First and foremost: gathering the resources themselves is not so bad, but requiring the huge grind combined with reputation caps to get the blueprints to process said resources is overkill. I am sure that is there so that people without money to spend on platinum or those who do not wish to spend platinum will not just speed through the content, but that does not make it any less frustrating.

With that out of the way, I would like to say that I approached Garuda with my usual "support player" mindset and what is below may or may not reflect that bias.


First up, Death's Gate: For me, it's "meh". Extra damage is nice, but I am the type that likes to stay as close to 100%hp as possible. To the point where I run two Arcane Grace and Rejuvenation when I can (and strongly considering changing the polarity on Garuda). Not useful to me. And maybe the small subset of players like me.


Dread Mirror: Interesting to use as a defensive ability, and the pounce gives decent in-combat mobility. The weakness I see with it is that it only moves on the one axis, especially with the abundance of airborne enemies and verticality to the maps. Other than that, I would like to be nitpicky and say that melee opponent stagger sucks. The enemies will just recover and walk right through it. I would prefer a knockdown similar to Vauban's trip wire as opposed to a full-on ragdoll like Volt's shield. I can't really comment on the projectile portion of the ability since it does not work while using a controller (noted elsewhere).


Blood Altar: This is what made me most interested in her. Little health stations out and about? Yes, please. However, I was disappointed to find out that they do not work that way. With the HPS and it's weird math, the hard cap, and the low range, it ended up more like "why bother?" Here are some ideas:

-Increase the cap, or remove it all together, while cutting the duration. Seemed like a decent trade-off to me.

-Increase the HPS % to make it more meaningful to move to those small zones. I would prefer this option.

-Increase the radius to make it easier to get the effects.

There is also the suggestion on a different subforum that I liked and will put it here as well, to add a "destroy all altars" function in the form of a hold-to command. Not too important, but a QoL thing.


Bloodletting: Considering I almost always run 170% eff and the Vazarin school, its free energy. I will hit if I want a quick damage boost. That is about it.


Seeking Talons: As a debuff, it works well. Can't really complain too much. I personally would like to see an extended duration puncture proc at the cost of, say, the stun or the meager damage it does. The only other thing I can think of is to bash the the cast time for no reason in particular and say that I like the "fan of knives" notion.


Quick edit because I forgot about the claws, and again, being nitpicky here:

-I would like to have the choice of not equipping a weapon again instead of being forced to have at least one weapon. Not sure when this change happened, but it was somewhat recent and not documented to my knowledge.

-Personally, I think the claws are too large aesthetically and draws too much attention. I may be the only one who thinks this though.


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