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Underground fish and auto-failing repeated bounties.


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All pics provided are F6 screenshots.

Some bodies of water in Fortuna extend under rocks, making some fish unreachable. Sometimes fish build up in these areas because everywhere else has been fished dry.



Also, some areas of water prevent you from catching fish, your spear just bounces off the water in that spot no matter what.


If you complete the same bounty multiple times, the timer doesn't refresh. So if you took forever to find the bodies and barely did the hack in time, next time you will have only a few seconds to do the whole thing. Eventually you auto-fail the bounty.4qKPlUe.jpg

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I'm getting problems with Fishing underground for example; I aim for fish but it doesn't catch even though I aimed properly and the fish swim through ground and rocks. I'm also having issues with missions and returning to Fortuna, I fail the mission but I'm absoulty 100% positive I done everything and upon returning to fortuna I'm getting mission failed screen and loose all my loot and mods and standing from races. 

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