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Seeing daily standing


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despite having a limited amount of standing you can get per day is a LITTLE annoying. I can understand why it is there, but this is not why I'm making this topic.


unless I am completely blind the only real way to check your daily standing and how much more you can get is via your profile. 


why cant we see how much more standing we can get for the day when we are talking to the NPC's in Fortuna? so If I'm talking to the vent kids; be it looking at what I can get with the rep that I currently have to spend or to go to the next tier... have it say somewhere that it can clearly show the player how much standing remains for the day.

going to the profile isn't difficult, but all relevant information regarding "currency" for any NPC especially for Plains/Fortuna in terms of acquisition and remaining acquirable standing should be all there. I shouldn't have to open up a completely different menu to see it. 


just think it would be a nice little QoL 

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