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Fortuna Hunting Bugs


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So I've been out hunting for Pobbers and Virminks until I encountered several bugs:

- Virmink trail didn't appear when mark was interacted with, leaving the spot as one that could not be activated, this happened with several Virmink marks.

- When using the echo-lute to hear the animals call back to you, sometimes the sound clip for their call soundfile didn't play, which is what I've been listening out for to discern which direct they come from when called to. This is most notable with the Pobbers.

- When I caught some delicate Pobbers today, I tranq'd at least 2 of them, another player was with me when we went to get them, I went to get one of them as they got the second one and when I was heading for the second one, my model froze in place and so did the Pobber that was caught. Thankfully the game still gave me the tags, but I had to press my player tab to be able to move again.


These bugs didn't make things too difficult, but they could be very concerning for players still trying to get the hang of hunting and preserving our little friends of the Orb Vallis.

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