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Bizzarnage-Symbiote Warframe concept


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My concept is a Warframe named Bizzarnage, that is like a goop while he isn't in a host, that can climb walls and jump, can't use weapons, yeah, only while he is on "Symbiote Mode."

Can't use weapons, can climb walls, regenerates energy fastly over time, based on abilities. Can have an ally or an enemy as a host, if it is an enemy, you control his body

1st ability:
Enter on an ally or an enemy nearby, prioritizing  targets in the aim reticle, hosting an ally or an enemy makes different abilities, use this ability again makes you exit your host, if it's an ally, you give a little energy regeneration and speed for him, if it's an enemy, you consume a little quantity of health of him and you can give this health for an ally.

2nd ability:
Give a little speed and strength for an ally and abuse an enemy from the inside, consuming his organs, giving a small quantity of damage over time.

3rd ability:
Help an ally by buffing his reflexes, giving a dodge chance to him, on an enemy, this ability makes him have a little chance of don't shoot(illusion), and go for meelee(The IA of the enemy is going to be nerfed, :P)

4th ability.
If in an ally, you exit as a big slimy creature that can give help to him by aprimorating his health and armor and can give meelee attacks with your two hands in the shape of a sickle, if in an enemy, you posses all his body and become a big and horrorifying creature, that can attack with his hand(no weapon shape), and press "Aim" button to hold an enemy, with him, you can press "Aim" button again to eat it or can use him as a meelee weapon(the enemy ragdools).

What do you think about him? Does it needs nerfs? Give me your ideas.

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