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Mods with Exalted Weapons


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While leveling my Mesa, I remember putting Sharpened Bullets, On Kill: +75% Crit Damage while aiming, on it's Exalted weapon, The Regulators, and it would work in game. But sometime after maxing them out, the mod I placed on it disappeared from it and wont show in the mod list. There are still some On Kill mods still view-able in the mod list, Seeing Pressurized Magazine and Targeting Subsytem currently. Is this a bug or was it intentional?

Another bug I spotted now while leveling my Excalibur Umbra was the Sacrificial Mod Set, Sacrificial Steel and Sacrificial Pressure, while on the Exalted Umbra Blade was that the set bonus would not work. I was looking at the forums and saw another recent post showing it not working on another Exalted Weapon;

I know/guessed at set mods don't work with other set mods while some are equipped onto an exalted mod but with the Exalted Umbra Blade and the Sacrificial Mod Set would work well, since they started out equipped but the bonus doesn't work. Again, is this a bug or was it intentional?

Is anyone else having any of these problems? Could the DE team help explain either of these please? Thank you for your time.


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